Million Trees Map Info

This page should tell you everything you need to know about how to use the Million Trees Map. The map is a digital record of the Million Trees planting project for Derbyshire which has the aim of planting a million trees in the county by 2030.

Using the Map

To submit your planting to the map, first take a photo of you and your tree, then click the “add your tree” button that is on the map

Your planting will appear as an individual pin on the map, randomised to within a 1 km radius of the planting location to protect your privacy.

The map uses Google Maps and functions in the same way. Zoom in to generate more detail on the map or use the search feature to find a specific location.

Map Pins & numbering

A single pin represents a single planting (a planting might feature more than a single tree). Pins will cluster depending on the level of zoom applied to the map. Clusters will increase and decrease in size as users zoom in and out of the map. As you zoom in the clusters separate until you can see individual pins.

Approval Process & Privacy

Submissions to the map require approval before appearing. This normally takes around 48 hours.

When your submission is approved you will receive a confirmation email to let you know that your planting has appeared on the map.

The location of your planting will be randomised to within 1 km radius of the submitted location. This is to protect the privacy of people submitting trees.

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